Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Agent

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A real estate agent is an individual who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate and will attempt to find sellers who want to sell and buyers who want to buy. ¬†Choosing the correct real estate agent is one of the most important decisions a home buyer or seller can make and so we have compiled a list of guidelines to help better assist you in this process.

Interview Several Agents

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial events of your life so please take the time to interview at least three to four agents before deciding whom to employ. You want to find an agent who demonstrates knowledge of your area and expertise in the overall buying/selling process, that is, familiarity with all the technicalities such as title, appraisals, financing, negotiation, inspections, etc.

Ask the Right Questions

How many transactions did you complete last year?
How many of those transactions were in the neighborhood I am interested in?
How will you prioritize and strategize for my needs?
How many homes do I expect to see before finding the right one?
Who comes up with pricing?
How are multiple offers handled?
Where will my home be advertised and how often?
Is this your full-time job?
How many days did it take you to sell the average home? How does that compare to the current market?
Can you recommend service providers who can assist me in getting a mortgage, home repairs etc.?
How and when will you communicate with me during this process?

Ask For References

Of course a major part of due-diligence on any potential real estate agent is asking for references and by doing so this will give you a great first-hand look at how attentive the real estate agent will be during your transaction. Yes, deceitful real estate agents can cherry-pick the very best of their past clients, so you should feel comfortable asking to speak with said references.

Trust your Instincts

Even if the interview process does goes well and the agent has met all of your required items, if you don't like or trust the agent then you SHOULDN'T hire them. It's simple, trust your instincts. This individual
will represent you and your home, so make sure you feel comfortable with entrusting them with this job.

Marketing Strategy

Sorry, but the days of just sticking a "For Sale" sign in the front yard or posting a quick Craigslist ad just won't cut it in today's market. You will want to find an agent that has a detailed plan and can clearly show you how they plan on promoting your home.

Check Credentials/Licensing

Most people don't know that states have boards that license and discipline real estate agents and that information is available to the public through an online database. Check it out before considering any agent.

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